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Hihi! This is an attempt at another website heehee XD well Sadly, this one isnt about Anime but is about the awesome Singer Camui Gackt whoes Singing i listen to A LOT. Why... why do you ask I created this Site?... well first and formost to plug this in: Crystal Fortress XD but to also put all the Gackt Junk which I have stored on my Computer to good use ^^.

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Please Consider this, This layout was made by [Jazzy-Sama] and is owned by him aswell. Do not take the Layout, the info, the Images, without my permission. I do not own the images but it took me a hell of a lot of time at finding them aswell as gathering the info so dont take the easy way out and find info on your own aswell. I am in no way making profit from this Webbie It is simply to put all the Gackt Junk stored on my computer to good Use..