* Gackt likes to be naked.
If that much bluntness wont go through your head, i dont know What will, the fact is, the guy loves to be Naked, as in, no Clothes :P, In Utaban he said that he isnt ashamed of his nudity and that he doesent really care if anyone sees him since he doesent really think that he can hide his naked body from others, He also said that Ince he gets a hotel room, the clothes come off, the Guy cook naked, reads naked, and im guessing he sleeps naked too, Althought on Utaban he mentioned that he doesent really like to be Naked as much anymore since he now Lives with You and His sister, Makes me wonder...., What would happen if it was only You and Gackt XD. Well not that im Suggesting anything would happen/is happening, but seriously XD
* Gackt is affectionate.
Yea, He is very Quiet but very Affectionate. Ive heard that instead of just Shaking hands with others, He likes to use a Hug as a greeting instead ^^, And whenever some official people come to meet him, and they Bow, he just reached out his hand to hand shake with them, Now thats affectionate there for ya :P Not to mntion that before Live Preformances, He hugs all of GJOB one by one starting with Chacha, then You, then Toshi, then Ren, then Masa. Its also said that before lives all of GJOB do a large group hug/huddle/pep talk ^_^, Not to mention that Gackt Uses 'Anata' in his Lyrics Very Much, but you wouldnt use it in an actual Convo very much unless you were talking to somone very Close, however Gackt uses it all of the time, Show his Affection-ness ^_^
* Gackt Is Humerous.
Thats one of the best things about him ^_^ not only is he nice and kind, but he also has good humor, If you watch any of the Utaban Interviews, he is sure to make you laugh at least once, he cracked up the audiance numerous times there XD, he said things so unexcpectedly, and bluntly that it was funny. At times he can be so serious about a thing it makes it even more funny then him trying to be funny XD. Whenever there are impersonators of Gackt (often doing an extremely horrible and crude job of it) Gackt just laughs it off like its nothing!, once there was this one guy, making fun of Gackts Clothes, His Hair, Even his Music!, and Gackt was watching the WHOLE thing!, and then Gackt Confronted him, What did he do?, He Laughed it off like a good Sport!, Heck, i would have been yelling at the guy to keep his big mouth Shut @_@ this also shows how Calm Gackt is XD.
* Gackt can See Ghosts.
Thats Right, the Jrock Singer can see Ghosts. He claims that he can see ghosts Since a Near-Death Incident when he almost Drowned... When he mentioned it to toehrs, they sent the poor guy to a Mental Institue! >.< I beleve he can see Ghosts! Although im not really too sure how i would react if i could see ghosts, id probably freak out, This also shows how Mellow Gackt is and how he doesent make a big fuss over little (and somtimes big) things.
* Gackt is Intellegant.
Uhhhh Hellooo?! I cant beleve you havent figured this out already! >.< I mean Come on! the guy can Speak in French, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinsese! Now if thats not intellegant, i have no clue as to what is @_@. Not to mention he can play SEVEN instruments! Whoa, thats a Lot! it requires a lot of consentration and knowledge to play so many Instrucments and speak all of those languages @_@. heck i only speak French, Punjabi, and English.... >.< and all i can play are the Drums! >.< he is really talented as well.