**Interview -- The Hidden Meat"**
a.k.a "Gackt: Amazingly Funny tales of meat and piano from the man who despises light.

MH: So what do you do at home?

Gackt: I smoke...

MH: You smoke...

Gackt: I drink alcohol...

MH: You drink alcohol...

Gackt: I watch movies...

MH: You watch movies...

Gackt: *looks like he's about to say something else...then, pauses* That's about it really.

Ishibashi: What movies?

MH: What movies did you see recently?

Gackt: The Green Mile

Ishibashi: Contrary to image...surprisingly normal. *cracking up*

Gackt: *starts laughing* It just so happened that day I had been taken with a stomach ache.

MH: Gackt, do you have stomach problems?

Gackt: Well, it was just after the New Year...

MH: What was the cause of it?

Gackt: I think perhaps it was food poisoning.

MH: What did you eat?

Gackt: I have a feeling that it was the oysters.

Ishibashi: A surprisingly common cause. Incidently, it says here that you like to cook and that it takes you 4 days to do so. What kind of cooking takes 4 days to prepare?

Gackt: Basically...everything...

Ishibashi: *saying disbelievingly* Takes FOUR days to cook?

Gackt: Well, it starts with shopping.

MH: Where do you like to shop?

Gackt: Hmmmm......the supermarket?

MH: Which supermarket is good?

Gackt: I go to many but...

MH: Which do you go to most often?

Gackt: Maru Sho [note: this is a really cheap supermarket that has many chain stores and recently went bankrupt]

MH: Wait a sec...Gackt, man, Marusho and you don't fit together.

Gackt: *leans back in his chair, smiling* I really love...that atmosphere.

Ishibashi: MaruSho's?

Gackt: Yes, I love it.

Ishibashi: It is a chain store.

Gackt: Yes, I go store hopping.

MH: Marusho chain store hopping?

Gackt: Basically, they have meat there, right? Well, I often make curry and other things like that. [note: he does this real cute thing where his eye brows go up and his eyes get a little wider] Rather than the meat lined up in the front, I like to search for the meat they hide in the back. *the hosts can't help but laugh disbelievingly* They have those doors in the back like this...*gackt holds up his hands and has his fingertips touching to show doors. he moves his hand forward and back, looking like opening/closing doors*

Ishibashi: *imitating Gackt* You push them and they go...*moves hands like opening/closing doors that are flipping quickly.*

Gackt: I slam them open and ask: "Is the meat supervisor here?"

MH: So, you call the meat supervisor and...?

Gackt: "The hidden meat"

Ishibashi: Is there such a thing???

Gackt: *knowingly* There is at the supermarket.

Ishibashi: What kind of...?

Gackt: Like Pork Belly Blocks.

Ishibashi: Pork Belly Blocks!?

Gackt: I can't really say it loudly but...

MH: Then you can say it quietly.

Gackt: The Pork Belly Blocks not on display in the store...

Ishibashi: Pork Belly Blocks?

Gackt: Pork Belly Blocks *starts to laugh*

MH: You, yourself take them or what?

Gackt: No, no. It's just the sound of "Pork Belly"...

MH: What do you make with these Pork Belly Blocks?

Gackt: Curry.

Ishibashi: Oh, Pork Belly Curry is really good, isn't it?

Gackt: Yes, it's the Pork Belly that makes the curry taste good, so I go to the back and I say, "The Pork Belly Blocks...get them for me." At first they won't take them out for me, so I say, "No they're back there." *audience starts laughing* "I know they are."

Ishibashi: "I know they are"!? You know everything about Marsusho...

Gackt: "Yes, I know they are" and then he says,"Alright then."

Ishibashi: Everything...

Gackt: You know, he then lines up about this many Pork Belly Blocks and asks..."Which do you want?" Well, then, I touch it like this *touches the table like he's poking meat* "I think this one" *points to an imaginary block*

Ishibashi: How much do you get?

Gackt: About one pig worth.

MH: And then you eat alone?

Gackt: No, I call my friends, "I'm making curry, so, just wait a bit." ....Of course, that's four days prior.

Ishibashi: You announce it 4 days prior!?

*cut of segment. now we see gackt taking a seat on a piano that's on a moveable platform. the two hosts are standing nearby*

Ishibashi: What will you play for us?

Gackt: Um...just a little classical.

*Gackt starts to play a beautiful song. As he is doing so, the piano and him seem to be moving towards the other side of the stage. The amazing thing is Gackt is oblivious to what's going on. He doesn't realize he's moving!!!*

Gackt: *once he's done* That's how it's done.

*at this point, everyone is laughing to the point of tears*

MH: Without a doubt, you just moved now, didn't you??

Gackt: Did I?

MH: Let's do it one more time...one more time please.

Gackt: *a little embarassed* Well, ok.

*Again, Gackt starts playing and he's moving back to where he originally started playing the piano. The other host is about to collapse from laughing. He's leaning heavily on Ishibashi and laughing like a crazy person. He even points at Gackt while he's playing, not believing Gackt didn't notice he's moving. Then, Gackt finishes.*

Gackt: Are you...bullying me?