**Interview -- Jungle Interview**

Ishibashi: What with this?

MH: It's a jungle...

Ishibashi: Why is there a skull in the jungle?

MH: Could it be that HE'S come again?What the...I hear something.

*Gackt is in a room behind Ishibashi, playing the drums*

Ishibashi: He can't just come out like an ordinary person, can he?

MH: He can't, can he? He can't stand not doing somethign special every time.

*Gackt plays the drums VERY rapidly for a bit. Then, he stops. He hits the drums so it makes seven soft taps. He leans on the drums and sighs, exhausted.

Ishibashi: That's the Mad Aristocrat for you.

MH: Shall we introduce him, in his 3rd appearance on Utaban. This week's main guest, Gackt, come on out.

Ishibashi: The set this time is a jungle.

MH: What's the meaning?

Gackt: My room is also like this, you know.

MH: You live in this kind of environment?

Gackt: Yes.

Ishibashi: In this jungle, the magnum is...plopped down?

Gackt: *silence* *blink blink* I'm sorry. i don't understand what you're implying.

Ishibashi: The magnum in the jungle, just bang, there it is.

MH: There is it.

Gackt: Oh, you mean mine?

MH: We couldn't call that we have a magnum...

Ishibashi: We're more like miniature bottles. (alcohol)

MH: Yes, we really are...How has the response to the Magnum been lately?

Gackt: I really shouldn't have said it.

Ishibashi: What exactly?

Gackt: Last time, when I said I was a Magnum. Now, people are screaming "Magnum" at me.

Ishibashi: At concerts and what not?

Gackt: What surprised my the most was I went to Taiwan for work...

Ishibashi: Yes.

MH: Yes?

Gackt: When I arrived at the airport, there were many fans waiting for me.

MH: Isn't that nice.

Gackt: Taiwanese fans. I don't think they really knew what it meant, but...they said in a kind of broken English, "Magnum". Like that.

MH: But really, it's quite something, isn't it? *hold up hands so that they show a length of about two feet*

Gackt: It's not THAT big.

Ishibashi: Since your crotch is so flexible, you must be...

MH: I wish I had one the size of the ones behind the blurred out parts in porno videos.

Ishibashi: I often go to the Adult Stores abroad, and I've seen magnums.

MH: How does your Magnum hold up to the ones in those videos?

Gackt: Well, mine is...um...just a lil magnum, I guess.

Ishibashi: Lil' Magnum?

MH: Lil' Mag. Lil' Num.

Gackt: Lil' Num.

MH: Wel, you may get a new nickname in addition to magnum. As we do everytime, we'd like to get to know your personality a little better.

Ishibashi: Pork Belly, magnum, and now this third time.

MH: So, once again...It's time for calligraphy corner.

Ishibashi: Something you're better at than anyone else.

MH: I'm superior in this way.

*Gackt holds up a board*

Ishibashi: "I can hear a little better". What does that mean?

MH: Is this a scary story?

Gackt: Not at all. It's just that my ears are a little odd. The range of my hearing is a bit off from an ordinary person. I can hear the high and low frequencies of flourescent lights quite well.

MH: Don't flourescent lights have just one sound?

Gackt: No, there's many. So many sounds. I can't sleep because of it.

MH: You hear too much.

Ishibashi: They say that dogs are like that too.

*the show adds dog ears to Gackt's head and there are dog howling sound effects. the clip ends here unexpectedly*