**Interview -- Gackt and Kago Ai 'Dating'**

FH: Everyone, be quiet please.

*Kago looks like she's about to say something, but she stops and laughs, embarrassed.*

MH: *whispering* Either of you can talk first.

Kago: Well, are you clever?

*Gackt looks like he's about to say something, but then, he just stays quiet.*

Kago: *imitating Gackt* Hm...Yes, I'm clever.

FH: It's getting better.

Kago: Gackt-san, could you imitate me, please?

Gackt: Such...such... *quiet*

* the audience begins screaming "good luck!"*

Gackt: *to the audience* Don't say "good luck".

*amusement and chuckles come from the audience at this statement*

Gackt: How old are you?

Kago: 13 years old.

Gackt: I've never been on a date with a 13 year old girl before.

Kago: Ah, I see.

Gackt: Well, you are 13 years old...and I'm 461 years old this year.

Kago: *shock* EHHHH???

MH: Yes, he is 461 years old this year.

Kago: Eh? But can a man live that long?

Gackt: I want you not to ask that question.

MH: No, you shouldn't ask that question.

Gackt: We have an age gap, right? And you ask me to imitate to you. Well, if there were only Morning Musume here, I could do that.

Kago: For Morning Musume, then!

Gackt: But a lot of morning musuko (sons) are watching us. I'm so nervous.

Kago: Ok, then. Let's do "aiiiin" together!

FH: What kind of date is this?

Gackt: *making a knife stabbing motion with his arm* You are going to destroy me.

Kago: Ok, let's "aiin".

Gackt: *looking at the musukos in the audience* The musukos know how to do it too?

Gackt: ........

MH: Thank you very much. Please come back.

FH: Was it a date?

MH: Gackt, don't be disappointed.

FH: Gackt-san, thank you very much.

MH: You were being pushed by here, weren't you?

Gackt: Oh, well...youth is scary.

FH: Thank you very much.

MH: How was it? ...*towards Kago* Would you be in trouble on a real date?

Kago: I would be in trouble.

MH: You, Gackt?

Gackt: *imitating Kago* I would be in trouble

*Audiance Laughs and Show faces of Morning Musume Members and Audiance*