**Interview -- Crotch Splitter**

MH: Something you like.

*the camera shows Gackt writting something on a white board*

MH: What does that say?

Ishibashi: Crotch split?

Gackt: A crotch split.

MH: A crotch split...what do you mean?

Gackt: When training, I often stretch. When you stretch by yourself...you really can't put any power into it. So, I use a "crotch splitting device"...

MH: Seriously?

Gackt: That spread open your crotch when you're on your own.

MH: What do you mean? Is there such a thing?

*Everyone begins to head over to such a machine in front of the table. It looks like a seat with two place holders that you put your legs in. There is a crank right in front of where you would sit on the seat.*

Gackt: Are you stiff, Ishibashi?

Ishibashi: Very stiff.

MH: I'm very stiff myself.

Gackt: Well, then, please have a seat here.*makes a gesture to sit in the seat*

Ishibashi: No way, I'M not doing it. Actually, I'm really flexible.

Gackt: Using this, you'll be able to open your crotch about 30 cm more than you can now.

Ishibashi: No way, I'm out.

MH: Not for me!

Gackt: So, let's get the stiffest person on it. But of course, I'm already flexible. Naturally...*Gackt begins stretching into a split*

MH: How far can you spread your legs apart?

Gackt: About like this... *Gackt stretches his legs until he's into a full split!* *audience "ooooh"s and "awwwww"s*

MH: So flexible. Your legs are so long. *Gackt gets back up from his splits demonstration* What ARE you?! What do you wanna DO?!

Gackt: Even if you ask me that...

MH: Ok, Gackt

Ishibashi: How far can you spread them?

Gackt: Even if I use this, I can spread my legs all the way...better for someone who can't to use it.

MH: I can't spread my legs at all. *gets into crotch splitting device*

Ishibashi: Wow...!

Gackt: Now, just turn the crank yourself...

*MH starts to turn the crank. His legs are beginning to open up.*

MH: Oh! They're opening up!

Gackt: Put more energy into turning it.

MH: Woh! It hurts!

Gackt: I'll help you out. *Gackt goes down to where MH is and starts turning the crank faster.*

MH: OW OW OW OW OW! GA*KU*TO! *starts turning the crank back* You REALLY don't have to help! Gackt, you surprised me.

Ishibashi: Gackt, you do it too.

MH: This is about as far as I can go...and even this hurts. *The crank is pointed so that it looks like a er.... MH points to it and starts giggling saying...* Magnum. Magnum...

*Gackt turns the crank so that it isn't in that...suggestive...position.

MH: Ow ow ow! No more! No more! *trying to pull the crank back* Gackt! Gackt...bring it back. I made it back! *gets off the crotch splitting machine* Gackt, now you!

*Gackt gets into the crotch splitting machine*

Gackt: As long as my pants don't tear...

MH: Oh, you can do even this without a sweat.

Gackt: When I did this before, my pants tore...

*Gackt turns the crank all the way. His legs are stretched WAY out.*

MH: Wow! Gackt, more! More! It won't go any further!?

Ishibashi: *stand behind Gackt and points directly behind Gackt* It'd be better if it could go all the way back here.

*Gackt manages to turn it another full turn. MH tries to turn the crank more.*

MH: Won't go any more.

*Gackt manages to turn it ONE more turn.*

MH: This hurts, doesn't it? Hurts, right?

Gackt: It's just my pants might tear...

MH: Just a little bit more and...*turns the crank so that it's in that "suggestive" area* There, just like your magnum! Wow!

Ishibashi: What does this person do!?

MH: Why are you this flexible?

Gackt: Well, I practice karate and stuff like that...

MH: At your home?

Gackt: Well, kicks and things like that...

MH: By yourself...shadow fighting?

Gackt: No, all my staff are trained in martial arts fighting.

MH: Doesn't anyone get hurt?

Gackt: Well, not really hurt seriously...maybe...break a few ribs sometimes.

Ishibashi: What is he? What does he do?

MH: His chest muscles are amazing. *MH and Ishibashi are touching his chest*

Ishibashi: *touching Gackt's abs* It's so hard. He's got incredible abs.

MH: Could you show us this, even if in private?

Gackt: Sure, take a look. *Gackt pulls up his shirt, showing off his hard abs.*

MH: Wow, what abs! So hard. *Ishibashi and MH begins poking at his abs* No body fat.

Ishibashi: What's your percentage body fat?

Gackt: Percentage body fat? This morning, it was around 6%.

Ishibashi: Amazing!

MH: You're all muscle.

Ishibashi: What kind of girls do you like?

Gackt: Well, as long as she's skilled...

MH: Good at what?

Gackt: Well, it would be bad form to say "good in bed", but...as long as she's good at sex.

Ishibashi: What about looks?

Gackt: Well...As long as she's easy to get along with...and the looks are decent.

MH: You don't need conversation?

Gackt: Not at all, do you?

Ishibashi: What about 0930?

Gackt: Eh? Oku-sama?

Ishibashi: In the band 0930, there's a girl named Umepara...*picture of Umepara comes up. She isn't exactly what you'd call "good-looking"* She's currently looking for a boyfriend...

MH: *claps his hands together* Yes...

Gackt: ... Ah! No thank you.