**Interview -- Come and Get Some**

MH: Sometime, you think we could come over your place privately?

Ishibashi: Yeah...we've heard so much about your curry.

MH: I wanna have some.

Ishibashi: It has to be prepared 4 days in advance right?

Gackt: 4 days, yes.

Ishibashi: Tell us 4 days in advance and we'll come.

MH: Yeah, invite us...

Gackt: If you're really going to come...I'll certainly make it.

Ishibashi: Going back to something we talked of earlier, when you make curry 4 days in advance...you're probably naked, right? Since it IS your house. *couple of chuckles from the audience*

Gackt: While I stand in front of the pot and stir...I read a book naked.

*audience laughs*

Ishibashi: You stir while reading a book...completely naked...?

Gackt: *nods*

MH: Wow.

Gackt: Is there something wrong with that?

MH: But...does the magnum...get hard or change forms?

Gackt: *thinks this question a bit odd* Not when my partner is a pot...

*audience laughs*

Gackt: I haven't felt like being naked as much lately. Since I'm living with my staff...and my elder sister.

MH: Older sister?

Ishibashi: You have an older sister?

Gackt: I do.

MH: You have siblings?

Gackt: I do.

Ishibashi: Why isn't she married?

Gackt: Actually she used to be. She'll get mad that I say it like this but..."marriage, divorce, marriage, divorce"...

*audience and hosts are laughing*

Gackt: We're very free spirited at my home.

MH: You don't think it's necessarily a bad thing?

Gackt: Not at all. It's instinctive.

MH: You mean it's a natural progression.

Gackt: Like a natural providence.

Ishibashi: Nice. I wanna go to your place.

MH: Are we gonna get beat up if we go inside?

Gackt: Well first, you'll have to make it through the gateway.

Ishibashi: *laughing half-disbelievingly* Even if we're just coming to eat curry, we could get beat up?...Even though we're coming prepared to eat curry, we have to be hit or we can't have any?

Gackt: Ah! It's ok...we're more or less not a punching style...more of a kicking one.

*everyone's laughing*

Ishibashi: Kick?

Gackt: Yes, Kick Style.

MH: Doesn't that hurt?

Gackt: ...Why do you feel that?

MH: It hurts to get kicked even for you...doesn't it, Gackt?

Gackt: Yes, it hurts.

*audience laughs. Gackt is so serious when he says this.*

Ishibashi: Why do we have to go be kicked when we go to eat curry?

Gackt: It's not to BE kicked, you'll be kicking too.

Ishibashi: Not kick or be kicked...to eat CURRY...???

Gackt: When eating, food tastes better after a good workout.

MH: Ok then. Before I go I'll workout. I'll go to the gym.

Gackt:That's the act of a weakling.

*audience laughs*

MH: Finally, Gackt, what message would you like to send to your fans watching now?

Gackt: The fans right?

Ishibashi: To the fans.

*Gackt writes out a message on a white board and shows it to everyone*

Ishibashi and MH together: "Come and get some!"

MH: Of those watching at home, the girls, you don't have to worry aboutt, but what if some guy really comes to your house?

Gackt: Men...will have to fight.

MH: What if a real untrained person...comes after you?

Gackt: Before you can get to me, you'll have to go through dozens of my staff. Once you clear that...

Ishibashi: These...are fairly strong people on your staff...?

Gackt: Yes. Of course, I have American soldiers on staff to protect me.

MH: Say your message to your fans, please.

*lights turn off*

Gackt: Come and get some.

Ishibashi: That was cool...how the lights when out right as you said it.

MH: This is how you like it, right?

Gackt: My house is always like this.

MH: "Come and get some"

*during commercial break*

Gackt seems to be taken with a chandelier hanging above the table where he and the hosts sit. The chandelier has fake candles in it and looks very fancy. He inspects it and places a hand on the chandelier, seeming to examine it.

*back from commercial break*

*strange American music plays in the backround*

MH: You like this atmosphere, Gackt?

Gackt: I love it.

Ishibashi: You seem to be taken with this chandelier.

Gackt: It's nice. If only I could take it home...

MH: Sorry, Gackt. You'll have to take that up with TBS...

Ishibashi: ...negotiate price with them.

Gackt: Well, it has been used already so...

MH: [here he says some things that aren't translated but I think he said something close to "Thank you, Gackt, for coming on the show" and mumbo jumbo all hosts say.] Everyone waves good-bye to the camera. Gackt holds his hand up in a motionless wave, and the camera shows Ishibashi. Ishibashi's imitating Gackt's wave good-bye. His face was so serious and he tilted his head up a bit. ^^