**About Gackt**

Full Name: Camui M.S. Gackt

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: July, 4 1540. His actual dob is kept secret [some say for publicity reasons]

Birth Place: Okinawa, Japan

Blood Type: A

Pets: A cat [Mei] and a dog [Belle Constantine Chappy]

Hobbies: Dating =^_^=;, Martial Arts, Billiards

Height: A little under 6 feet

- he's left handed [but writes with his right hand]

- his favorite colors are black and white

- he can play the piano, trumpet, euphonium, percussion, tuba, trombone, bass guitar and drums

- he's fluent in English and Japanese [currently learning Mandarin and Korean]

- he doesn't like sweet stuff

- he loves to read Banana Fish by Yoshida Akimi

- he prefers candlelight over electrical light [he says electrical light hurts his eyes]

- he hates cockroaches

- his favorite season is winter [he gets to ski!]

- his least favorite season is summer [can't stand the heat]

- he likes sunsets

- his favorite vegetable is okra

- some of his favorite sports are combat, skiing, golf, etc.

- he doesn't like the smell of the human body [sweat]

- his favorite red wine is Gabidy Gabi

- his favorite brand of smokes used to be Joker [it's production was discontinued so now he uses CAMEL, HOPE, SEVENSTARS, MARLBORO, etc.

- he doesn't like being disturbed while eating [he likes to enjoy the meal slowly]

- he dislikes foot massages ["it's the most painful thing"]

- his favorite movies are Soldier and Braveheart

- his dream is to establish a school [2005]

- his favorite ride is the Merry-Go-Round [he can do it over and over again]

- he's very competitive when it comes to learning

- his favorite thing to do is dating [if his date can cook for him, it would be a great date]

- his way of greeting is with a hug and kiss

- his first kiss was when he was 5 yrs old [with his kindergarten teacher]

- his favorite body part is the collarbones

- he taps his fingers when he gets impatient

- he tends to smack [unconsciously] people who try to wake him up

- he eats 1 or 2 meals a day [doesn't eat after 10]

- he prefers humid air

- his favorite clothing at home is... nothing [literally]!

- he writes most of his music

- he draws well [see his self portrait in Sawasdee Gackt]