**A Mini History on Gackt**

Gackt was the second vocalist for the band Malice Mizer. With only 3 years of age Gackt started to learn to play piano. His father played trumpet and so he learned to play trumpet and horn as well. (He actually knows how to play this instruments as well as euphonium, tuba, trombone, guitar, bass and drums) His parents were very serious regarding Gackt's education and so they made him practice two hours a day. His parents were very strict actually as they controlled everything on his life. (ex: He was only allowed to watch national and educational stuff on TV.) When he was 17 his mother even apologized for being so strict in the past... but it was too late as Gackt's whole childhood had already passed.
When he was young his parents only allowed him to listen to classical music. One of his favourite composers is Bach.
When he listened to rock he became a fan of the genre. It was in High school that he joined his first band as a help drummer ("Cains Feel"), but when the vocalist left the band, Gackt replaced him.
He joined Malice Mizer in September 1995 after Tetsu left. His "audition" was a strange one because as he stated, Mana and Kami went with him to a karaoke bar and it was just like a party! He was the longest lasting vocalist for Malice Mizer.
He proved to be a very romantic person because of his lyrics.
In January 19th, 1999 he officially left the band to go solo. Rumours also say that he left due to musical differences and some sort of financial troubles. His present work is a group named after him and his music is quite different than Malice Mizer's. He's very successful and actually looks happier that before.
He is a very competitive and independent person and enjoys quietness and nature as well. In his spare time Gackt plays piano listens to music and drinks alcohol The colour I can remember him in is black although I don't know if it's his favourite one.